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Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 5 Litres

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    The Ecovio Heavy Duty Floor & Surface Cleaner is a domestic and industrial strength heavy duty cleaner for all surfaces. It contains no solvents.

    The Ecovio Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner contains a proprietary soap-free multi-enzyme formula designed to break down grease, oil and food waste. 

    The Ecovio Heavy Duty Floor & Surface Cleaner has the ability to remove dirt, vehicle oil and grease from surfaces including: household floors (all floors), tiles, concrete floors, garages & carparks. This can be achieved by using the recommended  instructions. 

    It will naturally lift grease from grout lines. It will eliminate odours by destroying the organic matter. It does not just mask odours. 

    The Heavy Duty Floor & Surface Cleaner contains a proprietary multi-enzyme formula designed to break down dirt, grease, oils and petroleum based problems. Rather than merely pushing the oil and grease around with soap, the multi-enzyme formula lifts and breaks down the petroleum and grease. Carbon, hydrogen and other elements readily integrate with the environment instead of polluting it. Even oil slicks simply fall apart when our enzymes break down the organic ‘glue’ that holds them in place.

    Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner Features

    • It is pH Neutral & uses a Soap Free Formula, so it is safe to use with Septic tanks
    • It contains no Palm Oil, no Ammonia & no Chlorine or other chemicals so it is safe to use around children & pets
    • It is designed to be effective at low temperatures
    • Whilst there is no need for heavy scrubbing needed it does work well with scrubbers
    • It is also designed to be discharged down drains where the enzyme formula will continue to attack the grease and oil residue therein.
    • It is non-corrosive and safe for any & all surfaces that are not harmed by water.
    • It is ideal for use on Domestic floors, Concrete floors, Car Parks, Outdoor Paving, Factory Floors & train platforms and the like.

    The Ecovio Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner is available in 1 litre 'Twin', 1 litre 'Spray', 5 litre, 10 litre & 20 litre bottle sizes. The 1 litre TWIN package includes a handy 100 ml measuring compartment to make it easier to measure quantities for use.

    The Ecovio Heavy Duty Cleaner Features

    • As it uses no chemicals, it is a more sustainable cleaner. Enzymes are readily biodegradable so are eco-friendly & “Planet-Safe”.
    • It provides support for the “compaction” trend as only low volumes of enzymes are required to replace high-volume ingredients in traditional cleaners such as surfactants and builders.
    • It offers improved performance over traditional chemical based cleaners. As we combine several enzymes, the multi-funtion enzyme synergy results in improved stain removal and cleaning beyond what a single enzyme solution or traditional surfactants can achieve.
    • It is an energy-efficient product as the enzymes work well even at low temperatures, allowing use with cold water and thereby providing energy savings.
    • As it uses no chemicals, it is safe to have & use around children, dogs, cats & other pets.
    • 100% Australian made.

    Important Information

    • It is not suitable to be used on aluminium surfaces.
    • When cleaning a concrete surface please be aware that if the surface to be cleaned is uneven, some areas may need extra attention specifically if they are below the scrubbing action of the pad.
    • Can be used on all types of floor surfaces including painted concrete floors.
    • Can be disposed of down drains. It provides an aded benefit in that the  enzymes will carry on breaking down organic matter in drains.

    Safety & Material Data Sheets (SDS & MDS)

    SAFETY: Ecovio Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner Safety Data Sheet (MDS) (3.17MB pdf).

    MATERIAL: Ecovio Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner Material Data Sheet (MDS) (5.2MB pdf).

    The MDS includes Properties, International Approvals (Country & Certification Number) & Laboratory Test Results.